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Camp Arifjan


Camp Arifjan is another installation in ASG-KU which holds more permanent personnel stationed in Kuwait. This installation also has the highest population of higher-ranking officials. Camp Arifjan is the support installation for OIF and can be considered the most luxurious of the other installations in Kuwait.

Camp Arifjan is a new $200 million state-of-the-art facility built courtesy of the Kuwaiti government. This new army base has literally risen out of the sand. The base will provide permanent support facilities for American troops in Kuwait, replacing temporary facilities that have been used since the Gulf War. Facilities including post exchange, pool, MWR operations, gym, internet café, beauty and barber shops, movie theatre, and Taco Bell.

Living conditions are pleasant. Personnel are placed in permanent buildings next door to the Education Center, so there is no congested traffic involved when commuting to and from work. This is always a plus! Generally, Ed Center personnel are housed with a roommate who is either military personnel or another member of the Education Center staff. A definite advantage of Camp Arifjan is indoor plumbing. Restrooms and shower areas are located within the buildings. Since water is limited in Kuwait the water is switched off at times. This can cause some stress but it makes the living conditions in an otherwise luxurious place highly adventurous. The working conditions at Camp Arifjan can be overwhelming, but it is not like any other Education Center in Kuwait. The building is a permanent one, and there are restrooms inside, an employee lounge, and personal work stations. Camp Arifjan is equipped with the most up-to-date multimedia equipment for classrooms and daily office support.

Since Camp Arifjan is located closer to the Arabian Gulf the climate is slightly different from other installations in Kuwait. There are several places to spend free time and to meet people from all over the world. At Camp Arifjan there are two MWRs, three PXs, two gyms, two movie theatres, three DFACs, a bus service in camp, three food courts, laundry services, and post offices.

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