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North Camp

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North Camp, Egypt


North Camp is located at el Gorah in northern Sinai, approximately 25 kilometers from the Egyptian-Israeli border. The smaller South Camp, near Sharm el Sheikh, on the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula, is positioned on a bluff overlooking the Red Sea.

The camp itself is approximately three square kilometers and is about 24 km southwest of the border town of Rafah and 20 km south of the Mediterranean Sea.

Through civilian contractors (Holmes & Narver, Inc.), the MFO provides all the amenities of a small town: a cafeteria-style dining facility, laundry, barber shop/hairdresser, bank, and small store for purchasing personal items. There are a well-stocked library (including current videos), excellent sports facilities and a number of social clubs to provide a little nightlife.

Housing for soldiers PVT through SGT consists of 11'X 14' air-conditioned rooms, one soldier to a room with a common latrine in an adjoining building. All buildings are wired for 220-volt service, some transformers are available. Certain electrical items like alarm clocks will not work correctly from transformers.

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